For Riders With MS

People with Multiple Sclerosis are one of the largest groups of GRIT Freedom Chair riders. If you have MS or a similar degenerative condition this page can help you see if the GRIT Freedom Chair is right for you.

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Benefits of the GRIT Freedom Chair for riders with MS


Reduced fatigue

The GRIT Freedom Chair is significantly easier to push than a regular wheelchair. The ergonomic lever drive uses large muscle groups to reduce fatigue and keep you adventuring longer. The gear ratio is easy to change with off-the-shelf bike parts, so you can adapt your GRIT Freedom Chair to match your changing strength and ability levels.


"Life Happens" Guarantee

We don't want your worries about your future abilities to keep you from making the most of what you have right now. We developed our "Life Happens" Guarantee to give you piece of mind: if your condition progresses such that you are no longer able to use and enjoy the the GRIT Freedom Chair, we'll buy it back from you.

Stories from riders with MS

We're here to help

We'd love to connect via email, telephone, Skype, or FaceTime to go over the GRIT Freedom Chair and to answer any questions you have. As the designers of the GRIT Freedom Chair, we love talking with people like you! 

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