Size swap

We want you to be comfortable in your GRIT Freedom Chair. Use this form to start the process of finding a better fit.

For size swaps, we'll send you a new base frame (seat and seatback) in your desired size, along with straps and a return shipping label to send the original frame back to GRIT. You'll keep your same levers, accessories, and wheels. We offer two options for size swaps:

  1. Exchange your current frame to a brand new frame, just pay $99 shipping.
  2. Exchange your current frame for a refurbished previously size-swapped frame (from another rider just like you) and we'll cover the cost of shipping. You pay $0.

To initiate a size swap, fill out this form and then email with at least two photos (one from the front and one from the side) of you in the chair so that we can help ensure you get the best fit possible.