Size swap

We want you to be comfortable in your GRIT Freedom Chair. Use this form to start the process of finding a better fit.

For size swaps, we'll send you a new base frame (seat and seat back) in your desired size, along with straps and a return shipping label to send the original frame back to GRIT. You'll keep your same levers, accessories, and wheels. We offer two options for size swaps:

  1. Exchange your current frame to a brand new frame, just pay shipping ($99 for the contiguous US, $399 for Hawaii or Alaska, location-specific pricing for international shipments).

  2. Exchange your current frame for a refurbished previously size-swapped frame (from another rider just like you) and we'll cover the cost of shipping. You pay $0.

To initiate a size swap, fill out this form.

Not sure? Email and we can help ensure you get the best fit possible.