Our Team

GRIT is a social enterprise startup based in Boston, Massachusetts. We believe in a stakeholder-driven design process, where the people who use a technology help to design it. We started working together while we were students studying mechanical engineering at MIT, and we founded GRIT to make the Freedom Chair a reality. We have put our blood, sweat and tears into this product and we can't wait to see what you will do with it.

We believe that every person deserves access to the outdoors and adventure, regardless of their physical ability. By applying rigorous engineering and thoughtful product design, in partnership with our customers, we can create solutions that help them live the lives they want to live, without limitations.

Tish Scolnik


Mario Bollini


Ben Judge

Product Development

Amos Winter

Chief Scientific Advisor

Mike Rappa

Assembly Technician

Version 2

Cash the Pit Bull

Service Department


Tyler Harris

Sales Specialist

Version 2

Nerissa Cannon

Community Manager


Jeff Kushner

Chairman of the Board

Deborah Theobald

Member of the Board

Ben Chigier

Member of the Board

Our Supporters

We're grateful for our network of worldwide partners. They incubated us as students, catalyzed our growth as a company, and are a continuing source of inspiration, mentorship, and support. We'd also like to thank our Kickstarter backers, who helped us to fund our first Freedom Chair production run. 

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