Who is it for?

Lever wheelchairs have been around for a while, but new designs like the GRIT Freedom Chair have introduced them to a much wider audience! With over two hundred GRIT Freedom Chairs in parks, at beaches, and on trails around the US, it's clear that all kinds of riders can benefit from lever drives. Members of the GRIT community include:

Anyone with difficulty walking


Outdoor enthusiasts


People who want to exercise


People with spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, leg amputation, traumatic brain injury, and other disabilities can use lever drives. Since lever drives are easier to push, and don't require grip strength to operate, riders who cannot self-propel in a regular push-rim wheelchair may be able to push themselves in a lever drive chair. Many people who do not typically use a wheelchair, but have difficulty walking outdoors or for long distances, can enjoy the benefits of lever drives.

Outdoor enthusiasts with limited mobility who miss the freedom and adventure of the outdoors can also benefit from lever drive chairs like the GRIT Freedom Chair. It's also a great choice for wheelchair riders who are looking for a form of low-impact exercise to keep in shape.