Why Choose the GRIT Freedom Chair?

Maybe there’s a trail you want to put beneath your tires, a hill you want to climb, a finish line you want to put behind you, or an oceanfront destination you want to enjoy. With the GRIT Freedom Chair, we know that’s all possible. Let your adventure begin now.

All about GRIT

The GRIT Freedom Chair is a manual, all-terrain wheelchair built for every type of adventure. Developed by MIT engineers, this easy-to- push, lever-driven wheelchair comes armed with rugged mountain bike wheels, a big, sturdy front wheel that doesn’t get stuck, and optional trail handles, allowing you to choose your own custom journey.

Is the GRIT Freedom Chair Right for you?

  • Do you need a manual wheelchair that allows you to get back outside in your neighborhood and ride alongside your children on their bikes?

  • Are you searching for a solution that allows you to get down to the shoreline dip your toes in water at the beach?

  • Looking for a practical and safe way to explore your favorite rough terrain trail with loved ones, or compete in a Spartan race?

  • Do you have a strong desire to just enjoy life more each day?


We get it. There’s a lot to know about the GRIT Freedom Chair.
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Financing and Funding

Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure that our chair is as simple and easy to manufacture to ensure the lowest selling price as possible. In the interest of transparency, our most popular model, the 3.0, is listed at $2995.00 and is competitively priced against other all-terrain chairs on the market.

We offer several financing and funding solutions including:

  • Payment plans that allow for bite-sized, low-APR monthly payments for up to 36 months

  • Grants specifically for the purpose of helping people pay for adaptive athletic equipment

  • State loan programs to help people with disabilities buy life-changing equipment

  • Crowdfunding guides and best practices

  • A contract with the VA, which allows veterans of the US Armed Forces to receive it at no cost through their local VA health center