GRIT Freedom Chair—

the all-terrain wheelchair built for adventure

The GRIT Freedom Chair is an all-terrain wheelchair designed to help you move beyond the pavement. Developed by MIT mechanical engineers, this easy-to-push, lever-driven wheelchair comes armed with rugged mountain bike wheels and a big, sturdy front wheel. Cruise across grass, cut through the mud, tackle an obstacle course race, or hit the beach in this all-terrain wheelchair. The choice is yours!

Why choose our all-terrain wheelchair?

We studied biomechanics to find that about 90% of the energy a wheelchair rider uses is wasted. A lever-drive system is way more efficient than regular push-rims, easy to fit within the confines of a wheelchair frame, and allows you to shift hand position on the levers to achieve improved mechanical advantage.

Of course, our all-terrain wheelchair also gives you the mobility you need to spend time with your friends and family without having to think about your mobility. Several riders say the Freedom Chair helps lessen everyday symptoms like fatigue, pain, isolation, and depression, all while providing a way to stay social and active outdoors.


Built for the trail

The rugged and lightweight steel frame is stable, like a tripod, keeping you grounded and in control.


Like a bike

Every moving part is an off-the-shelf bike part, for easy maintenance and infinite customization.


Easy to push

The revolutionary lever drive gives you the leverage to handle whatever the trail throws at you.


Who uses this all-terrain wheelchair?

GRIT Freedom Chair riders live all over the world, are of different ages and sizes, and have different goals and aspirations for their all-terrain wheelchair. Above all, our riders are humans simply looking for a way to better their life one day at a time, living without limitation. Meet a few GRIT Freedom Chair riders:

I love watching [my son] speed off ahead of us on whatever path we’re on, enjoying his own independence and ability to fly.


Read more about Ollie.

How freeing it is to take control of your body and become active...It’s such a great feeling, and I want others to have that.


Read more about Maggie.

Without the Freedom Chair, I couldn’t experience what most trail runners feel after conquering trail distances.


Read more about Bennie.


Affording the GRIT Freedom Chair

We pride ourselves in creating the most affordable and durable manual all-terrain wheelchair on the market. While in most cases, insurance does not cover the chair, our team will work diligently to help find funding options that are right for you, from flexible payment plans, to state loans and grants. Our VA contract allows many veterans to get our all-terrain wheelchair for free through their VA.

What better way to know that the GRIT Freedom Chair works for you than to try it in your own backyard? Every order of our all-terrain wheelchair is backed by our guarantee, so you can have ample chance to decide if the Freedom Chair is the right mobility tool for you. You have 30 days to try the GRIT Freedom Chair outdoors at home, and if you don't like it for any reason, we'll refund you.

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