Setting Up Your GRIT Freedom Chair

Use the resources on this page to get riding in no time!
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1. Read the User's Manual

Assembly instructions, riding tips & tricks, safety information, and more! View the PDF download links below and look for a printout in your GRIT Freedom Chair box!

2. Assemble your GRIT Freedom Chair

Start with the manual above and use these two videos for some extra guidance.


In this first video, Nerissa shows you how she unboxes and assembles her GRIT Freedom Chair. She makes quick work of attaching the front wheel, but we'll go through that step in more detail in the second video.

Installing the front wheel and headset

In this second video, Mario talks through the order of operations to install the front wheel, which is secured to the chair via a series of small pieces that make up the headset.

3. Take your first ride

How long to ride:

15 minutes. This first ride should be for practicing the lever motions, braking, and testing out different hand positions on the levers. Start slow and work your way up to tougher outings and longer rides in the coming weeks. See the below video for some tips!

Where to ride:

Take your first ride outdoors, in a flat, open, grassy space. Avoid riding indoors, on the sand, or on inclines.

Who to bring:

This first adventure will be safer and more fun with a friend. Have them follow behind you, even if they aren’t actively pushing or assisting.

It’s a workout!

You might be sore after this first ride. It will likely take a few rides over the first couple of weeks to get used to these brand-new motions.

4. Move on to more difficult terrain and slopes

2-4 weeks after delivery.
Once you feel comfortable on flat ground, you're ready to move beyond!

Start on grass

Practice sliding your hands up the levers when you need more power to push through long grass.

Then small hills

Slide your hands to the top of the levers and practice alternating lever strokes (push the left, then the right, then the left, etc.). Have a spotter follow behind you.

Then the beach

Beach sand is one of the hardest terrains to navigate. The packed sand near the water will be easier. Bring a buddy to help out while you get used to sandy riding!

5. Join the conversation

Join our private Facebook rider community and meet other GRIT Freedom Chair riders around the world. Ask questions, exchange tips, and share in each others' adventures!

For more information on riding and maintaining your GRIT Freedom Chair, check out our Support Page.

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