Welcome to the Freedom Chair

This Quick Start Guide will get you rolling in no time!

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Read the User Manual

It includes important safety information, assembly instructions, and tips for riding. This web page has videos to help you with assembly and riding your Freedom Chair, but the user manual contains the most detailed information.

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Assemble your Freedom Chair

30 minutes

The user manual provides simple step-by-step instructions and all of the tools you need. We recommend watching the two videos below to get familiar with the assembly process before getting started.


In this first video, Nerissa shows you how she unboxes and assembles her GRIT Freedom Chair, all from sitting on the floor! She makes quick work of attaching the front wheel, but we'll go through that step in more detail in the second video.


Installing the front wheel and headset

In this second video, Mario talks through the order of operations to install the front wheel, which is secured to the chair via a series of small pieces that make up the headset.

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Take your first ride

1 hour

Riding the GRIT Freedom Chair is unlike any other wheelchair, but it takes a few tries to get used to using the levers. Once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to go places that would be impossible in a regular wheelchair. Resist the urge to jump into the deep end... it's worth practicing the fundamentals first before moving on to harder, and more fun, terrain. Trust us!

Where to take your first ride

Take your first ride outdoors, in a flat open space, away from any hazards. You'll want plenty of space to maneuver. Do not take your first ride indoors, in a sandy area, or on a hill. A flat driveway is an ideal location for your first ride.

Bring a buddy

Adventure is more fun, and safer, with a friend. Having a buddy around during your first ride can help keep you from getting stuck while you get the hang of pushing and steering your new Freedom Chair.

Start slow

The Freedom Chair uses different muscles and techniques than you're used to. Most riders take a couple of hour of riding to get used to the chair, but everyone is different. Don't get discouraged! 

What to practice

Practice the fundamentals: pushing on the levers, steering, and stopping. Remember, it will be easiest to push the Freedom Chair with your hands at the top of the levers. The video below shows Tish demonstrating these techniques.

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Move on to more difficult terrain and slopes

2 weeks

Once you feel comfortable on flat ground, you're ready to move beyond the pavement!

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Start on grass

Practice sliding your hands up the levers when you need more power to push through long grass.


Then small hills

Slide your hands to the top of the levers and practice alternating lever strokes (push the left, then the right, then the left, etc.).

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Then the beach

It's possible to push yourself on soft sand, but it is definitely a work out! It's a lot easier on packed sand near the water. Bring a buddy to help out while you get used to sandy riding!


Then bigger hills

Safety first! Have someone spot you (walk behind the chair to keep it from tipping or rolling backwards) the first time you try steeper hills. 

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Share your experience

Join our private Facebook rider community and meet other Freedom Chair riders around the country. Ask questions, exchange tips, and share in each others' adventures!

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For more information on riding and maintaining your GRIT Freedom Chair, check out our support page.