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About Access Mats

Access mats enable wheelchair, rollator, and other walking aid users to participate in more outdoor activities. Durable, lightweight, and foldable, access mats are the only multi-use pathways for accessibility across all surfaces. 

GRIT offers access mats from Access Trax. Made from recyclable, UV stable HDPE plastic, access mats are the only suitable, multi-use pathway for accessibility across all terrains. Access mats allows for increased mobility across sand, gravel, dirt, grass, and snow. Mats can be created in any configuration for temporary access routes or for long term usage. 

Accessible routes at your outdoor event will allow for your event to be ADA compliant. Access mats provide access for individuals using mobility devices, parents using strollers, event equipment transportation and more. Different event types that benefit from access mats include, but are not limited to:

  • Adaptive sporting events
  • Weddings
  • Public events
  • Film industry
  • Accessible travel
  • Construction
  • Graduation ceremonies 

Take your mats to the next level by investing in the different accessories. Transporting Access Trax is made even easier with the carrying strap system. Simply thread the paracord loops through the holes that line up when panels are stacked together and connect to the strap via carabiners. Perfect for when you’re traveling via plane or just carrying to your destination. Extra Velcro hinges are used for connecting panels in any configuration desired.

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