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Are there brakes?

There are brakes! You activate the brakes by pulling backwards on the lever. This brings the brake bar into contact with the wheel, slowing the GRIT Freedom Chair. The brakes are also used for turning, by braking one wheel you rotate the chair in that direction.


How do you steer with the levers?

We've designed the levers such that you pull them backwards to brake/slow down and steer. There is a part that comes out perpendicularly from the lever, such that when you pull the levers backward beyond a certain angle, it engages with the tire and stops it. 

Turning left.

Turning left.

Turning right.

Turning right.


How does the hill-hold feature work?

The lever brakes double as a "hill-hold" when maneuvering uphill. When the levers roll back into the engaged brake position, this will lock the wheels so it doesn't slip back. We've found that users really like this feature, as it gives an opportunity to pause on a big hill and rest. And it makes it a lot of fun to coast down hills! 

The hill-hold feature prevents the GRIT Freedom Chair from rolling backwards when the levers are inserted. To back up, or during indoor use when maneuverability is most important, the levers can easily be removed and stored on the chair.

Does the GRIT Freedom Chair go backwards with the levers?

As a result of the hill-hold feature, the Freedom Chair is unable to move backwards more than a few feet with the levers inserted. We designed the levers to be easy to remove. Remove the levers to roll backwards. The Freedom Chair is just as mobile as a regular wheelchair (you can roll backwards, turn in place, and wheelie) with the levers removed.

Are there parking brakes?

There are parking brakes. They can be activated by pulling up on the parking brake lever.

Parking brakes in off position. Chair moves.

Parking brakes in off position. Chair moves.

Pull up on the parking brake lever to engage the brakes.

Pull up on the parking brake lever to engage the brakes.

Parking brakes in the on position. Chair is stationary.

Parking brakes in the on position. Chair is stationary.

Push forward on the parking brakes levers to release the brakes.

Push forward on the parking brakes levers to release the brakes.

Are the levers removable?

The levers can be detached and stored on the frame. Currently we are not offering the GRIT Freedom Chair with push-rims since we're finding that most people are using it as secondary chair, and they're almost always using it outdoors with the levers. For the occasions when you need to maneuver indoors, say into a shop or bathroom, you can push directly on the wheels. The push rims added weight and cost and tended to get stuck on rougher trails.

The lever in the storage position beside the seat.

The lever in the storage position beside the seat.


Can I use the GRIT Freedom Chair indoors?

The GRIT Freedom Chair can be used indoors almost as easily as a regular wheelchair. It fits in all ADA-compliant spaces. We recommend storing the levers and pushing on the wheels for indoor use.

How much strength do I need to push the levers?

Pushing the levers is easier than pushing push-rims, so if you're able to maneuver those, you'll be absolutely fine in our chair. We've also had a number of people who can't use push-rims who do great in our chair. You need some strength to push the levers forward, and very little to pull back, as the backwards stroke just ratchets and resets for the next stroke.

I have hemiplegia, is it possible to push with only one arm?

Yes, with our GRIT Freedom Chair Hemi Drive.

The regular model GRIT Freedom Chair 3.0 and Forward require the use of both arms. Steering the Freedom Chair requires pushing on one lever while pulling on the other, and going straight requires pushing both levers simultaneously. Riders that have a disparity in strength between arms can often use the GRIT Freedom Chair successfully (by pushing high on the lever with the weak arm, and low on the opposite lever with the strong arm), but riders without any strength in an arm cannot use the chair independently.

To discuss whether the Freedom Chair would work for you, give us a call at 1-877-345-4748.

Is it possible to tip backwards?

We have set the center of gravity for the chair in a comfortable all-terrain position, but on very steep hills, there is a possibility of tipping backwards. This depends on the grade of the hill and how far you can lean forward. On very steep hills we recommend you have somebody spot you from behind. If you're concerned about tipping backwards, an add-on anti-tip bar set is available on our shop page.

Can I ride the GRIT Freedom Chair on the beach?

With its normal tires, the GRIT Freedom Chair does okay on the beach -- definitely better than standard push-rim chairs. We've tested it on sand and it's difficult, but possible. By sliding your hands to the top of the levers, you get more torque and don't have to push as hard, but you move slowly. 

We've also developed an optional beach tire kit, which features a wider tire tread for easier pushing on sand. Our riders have said that this makes rolling on the beach a lot easier!

Are there push handles?

We designed the GRIT Freedom Chair for riders who want to push themselves, but we all sometimes need a little help from our friends. Every GRIT Freedom Chair comes with a discreet push bar across the top back of the seat. We designed accessory handles for riders who want more options. The Buddy handles are ideal for use on smooth ground and for quick pushes on rough terrain. The Trail handles provide leverage for pushers to help maneuver the GRIT Freedom Chair over extreme terrain. Check out our Accessory page for more information.

Can I fit the GRIT Freedom Chair in my car?

Yes! We designed the GRIT Freedom Chair to come apart into small pieces that are easy to store into a car. The wheels, seatback, and footrest are all quick release, enabling the GRIT Freedom Chair to fit into the trunk of a small car. We designed it to disassemble in less than a minute, and the more you disassemble the lighter it gets (as opposed to folding chairs, which stay the same weight regardless). The weight of the heaviest part to lift into the car is just 25 pounds. 

Can I fly with the GRIT Freedom Chair?

Yes! We fly with them all of the time.

We check them as "checked wheelchairs" at the ticketing counter before security, the same way one would check a bag. Since it's a wheelchair, airlines typically do not charge to check the chair and don't count it against your baggage allowance.

The levers are the only part of the chair that could get lost during the flight. We either put them into another checked bag or we tape them to the main tube of the chair. We often wrap this main tube with bubble wrap to hold in the levers more securely and to keep the chair from getting scratched.

If you can't fit the levers in your checked bag, securely tape them to the main tube of the chair.

If you can't fit the levers in your checked bag, securely tape them to the main tube of the chair.

If you want to prevent scratches, wrap the main tube (and the levers that are taped to it) with a few sheets of bubble wrap.

If you want to prevent scratches, wrap the main tube (and the levers that are taped to it) with a few sheets of bubble wrap.


When you check the GRIT Freedom Chair, tell the counter agent that the chair doesn't fold or come apart at all. This is not necessarily true, but you don't want them disassembling the chair to save space and then losing a component. Be sure to put a few name tags on the chair: one on the main frame and other on the seat back (in case they remove it). 

When you arrive at your destination, the GRIT Freedom Chair almost always gets put out at the "oversized luggage claim" carousel. 

What is the weight limit?

The weight limit of the GRIT Freedom Chair 3.0 is 300 pounds. We worked really hard to make the GRIT Freedom Chair appropriate for heavier riders, which is why our weight limit is 75 pounds higher than typical wheelchairs. However, we're limited by the weight capacity of the bike parts (in this case, the wheels) that we have available to us. 

What is the price?

We sell the GRIT Freedom Chair direct to customers. The current retail price of our most popular model is $2995 plus $99 for UPS Ground shipping anywhere in the United States. You can order the GRIT Freedom Chair online here. Financing is available. 

How can I order the GRIT Freedom Chair?

The GRIT Freedom Chair can be ordered online here. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at info@gogrit.us. You can also give us a call at 1-877-345-4748. 

How do I choose the correct size?

This tutorial video will help you choose the right GRIT Freedom Chair size.

Is financing available?

Yes! We're excited to offer a variety of financing options. See our Financing page for more information.

Is it covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, it generally is not covered. We've worked with Vocational Rehabilitation programs and Workers Comp, but not private insurance or Medicare/Medicaid. We've found that they generally won't cover anything that is used primarily outside or for recreation. While the Freedom Chair can be used indoors, it really shines outdoors, so individuals have a hard time making the case to their insurance company. 

We will work with you to help make a case for the GRIT Freedom Chair to your insurance company. Contact us at 1-877-345-4748 and we can strategize together.

To help with the purchase, we have several financing options, including a payment plan, as well as tips on grants and loan programs: http://www.gogrit.us/financing/

Is it covered by the VA health system?

Is there a warranty?

Yes. We stand behind what we build.

Every GRIT Freedom Chair is hand assembled and certified by our engineering and design team in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We've tested the GRIT Freedom Chair extensively in the lab, in the field, and with the help of wheelchair riders around the world. Every component has been extensively prototyped and refined based on our combined twenty-five years of experience designing mobility aids for some of the most extreme environments in the world. That being said, unexpected things happen, and we want to be there for you when they do.

If you have any issues with your GRIT Freedom Chair you can contact us directly at info@gogrit.us or +1-877-345-4748.

We're the designers of the product and we'll do everything we can to make things right. In short, our two year warranty covers repairs or replacements of all non-wear components of the GRIT Freedom Chair manufactured by GRIT, subject to the terms below. Wear parts, such as tires, tubes, brakes, and bearings, are not covered. 

The full warranty can be reviewed here.

Can I return it?

We know you'll love your GRIT Freedom Chair, which is why we offer a 30 day "no questions asked" money back guarantee for most models. If you are not satisfied in any way, you can return your GRIT Freedom Chair in its original packaging for a full refund, minus the cost of shipping. Because they are custom built to order, returns of the Freedom Chair Forward come with a 15% return fee. Trust us, you won't be the first person to buy before you try. Over 75% of our customers have purchased the GRIT Freedom Chair without test riding and they tell us they can't imagine their lives without it.

How does the 30-day risk-free trial work?

We strongly believe that the best way to get to know the Freedom Chair is in your own back yard. That's why we offer a 30-day risk-free trial. Here's how that trial works:

  1. Buy a GRIT Freedom Chair from us. You can order a GRIT Freedom Chair at our online store. Financing is available.

  2. We'll ship you a GRIT Freedom Chair via UPS Ground. It typically arrives within a week of you placing your order.

  3. The GRIT Freedom Chair is delivered. Your 30 day trial starts from the delivery date.

  4. Unbox the GRIT Freedom Chair. Save the original packaging, as this will be required for a return.

  5. Ride the GRIT Freedom Chair outdoors. It's ok to get it a little dirty.

  6. If you decide, for any reason, that the GRIT Freedom Chair is not right for you, contact us to initiate your return within 30 days of receiving the chair.

  7. We'll send you a return shipping label and some new straps for the box.

  8. Pack the chair, in good undamaged condition, back into the original packaging. Send it back to us using the shipping label provided.

  9. As soon as we receive the chair, we'll inspect it and then issue you the refund, minus the cost of shipping.

We've outlined the boxing and return process here.

What is the shipping charge?

Shipping a GRIT Freedom Chair typically costs $99 within the contiguous United States via UPS Ground.

Is international shipping available?

Yes, international shipping is available. Contact us at info@gogrit.us with your ship-to address to request a shipping quote.

Are bulk prices available for organizations?

Yes, bulk pricing is available. Please contact GRIT for more information.

What is the unboxing experience like?

We put a lot of thought into making the GRIT Freedom Chair easy to use from day one, and that includes unboxing and assembling the GRIT Freedom Chair. When you receive the GRIT Freedom Chair, only a few minutes of assembly are required, and we include the tools in the box. The videos below will give you an idea of how easy the process is.

More assembly and training videos, as well as the assembly manual, are available on our resources page.

What can I fix at a bike shop?

Every moving part of the GRIT Freedom Chair is a standard bicycle part and can be fixed at bike shop. Here's a list of the components:

  • The rear wheels are 26" mountain bike wheels.

  • The rear bearings are bottom-bracket bearings.

  • The lever rotates around a sealed square-taper bottom-bracket cartridge.

  • The chain ring is a standard 64mm bolt-circle-diameter chain ring.

  • The chain is standard 9-speed chain.

  • The front wheel rotates around a bicycle front hub.

  • The footrest and parking brakes are held in place by bicycle seat post clamps.

  • The fork rotates around a bicycle headset.

If you're in a bike shop and need help finding replacement parts, don't hesitate to contact GRIT

Can I service the front wheel?

GRIT Freedom Chairs purchased before March 1, 2017

These chairs have a solid rubber front wheel. The hub inside the front wheel can be serviced at a standard bike shop. They can replace the bearings for you. The rubber wheel itself is unlikely to be found at a bike shop, however, we haven't experienced any failures, and we'll have replacements if needed. 

GRIT Freedom Chairs purchased after March 1, 2017. Including all Freedom Chair 3.0 or later models.

These chairs have a pneumatic front wheel. The front wheels are mountain board wheels typically used for downhill skateboarding. Replacement tubes and bearings are available from mountain board vendors and directly from GRIT. To order replacement tubes and bearings from GRIT please email support@gogrit.us.

What happens if anything breaks?

We're here for you! We designed the chair and are ready to help get you rolling again. Contact us and we'll make things right.

What if I get a flat tire?

The wheels on the GRIT Freedom Chair are the same as the wheels on standard mountain bikes. When properly inflated, punctures are rare, but sometimes occur, especially if you are riding in thorny areas. If you're riding on trails with thorns, we recommend putting "slime" in your wheels to help block punctures due to thorns. A bike shop will be able to help you with this.

If you get a puncture in your wheels, the tire and tube can be removed and patched or replaced, just like on a bicycle. A bike shop can definitely help you with this. The tubes are 26" x 1.5-1.75" bicycle tubes. The tires are Alfabite Style 26"x1.75" Steel Bead tires. These are common parts available at bike shops, and GRIT can provide you replacement parts. To order replacements from GRIT, email us at support@gogrit.us.

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