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About Walkers

Walkers not only improve posture and stability, but they also help to reduce aches and pain. Standard walkers often have seat attachments that allow for rests if you are easily fatigued while walking. An upright walker might be ideal for individuals suffering from spinal and back problems. Upright walkers are taller than standard walkers which prevent users from slouching and stooping. Both walking and sitting will improve as you use an upright walker.

GRIT offers the DeBug Aluminum Beach Walker. The walkers low pressure wheels allow for easy accessibility across all terrains including sand, snow, gravel, grass, and other uneven terrains. The foldable, lightweight frame allows for convenient and easy usage. The adjustable push handles provide firm stability and precise positioning.

GRIT also offers a variety of TOPRO Upright Walkers. TOPRO upright walkers offer an attractive design, confidence, and independence to move freely for those with mobility challenges. Elegant, lightweight, and practical these upright walkers also promote proper upper body support. All TOPRO upright walkers have wheels large enough to climb over carpet edges or entryways, but small enough to reach under beds or sofas. TOPRO upright walkers have adjustable arm pads, foot breaks, and are height adjustable allowing users to customize it to their direct needs.

Limited mobility doesn’t need to limit your life thanks to these walkers. Explore the best option and accessories for your needs today.