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About Wheelchairs

Regain your sense of adventure with adaptive wheelchairs. From beaches to hiking trails, the outdoors have never been so easy to navigate. All-terrain wheelchairs offer the freedom and independent you deserve.

Conquer any adventure with a GRIT Freedom Chair. With unmatched customization, the GRIT Freedom Chair allows users easy access across all terrains including hiking paths, grass, and more. Built to accommodate an active lifestyle, the freedom chair is great to get daily exercise, explore the outdoors, and go on adventures with. The GRIT Freedom Chair stands apart from the crowd with:

  • Quick-release rear wheels, seatback, and footrest for easy storage and travel
  • An included seatbelt or the ability to attach your own
  • Easy to use pull-brake system
  • Adjustable breaks
  • Serviceable by any bike shop if needed
  • Easy assembly / disassembly for travel
  • Available in special pediatric version, making it the world's first all-terrain kids wheelchair

GRIT offers DeBug Beach Wheelchairs. Made from stainless steel, DeBug Beach Wheelchairs resist corrosion commonly caused by wet, sandy beach conditions allowing usage far beyond the lifespan of traditional aluminum wheelchairs. The low-pressure tires allow for easy access across sand, snow, grass, and other uneven terrains. 

Make your user experience uniquely yours with accessories. Regardless of if you are enjoying a day at the beach or crushing a hiking path, your wheelchair can accommodate the lifestyle you demand.