Ready to see the GRIT Freedom Chair in action? We've pulled together these videos so you can see first-hand what it's like to tackle a variety of terrains and enjoy a range of activities!


Meet the GRIT Freedom Chair


Amplify your force with the GRIT All-Terrain Freedom Chair. See how the GRIT Freedom Chair reduces your effort, gives you a great low-impact workout, and allows you to go places where no normal wheelchair can go.

The GRIT Freedom Chair allows people of all abilities to move beyond the pavement. Follow along as Lindsey explores Boston.

Wondering what it's like to ride the Freedom Chair off-road? Check out this clip to see it in action on the mountain bike trail!

On smooth ground you can get moving quickly! See how the Freedom Chair compares to walking.

One bridge, two very different experiences. See how the Freedom Chair compares to a regular manual chair.

The GRIT Freedom Chair is the most versatile wheelchair you'll ever own. It's small enough to use around town and rugged enough to handle whatever you throw at it.


GRIT Freedom Chair riders are having adventures

The GRIT Freedom Chair makes it so that you won't be left behind and can enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

Join Nerissa as she uses her GRIT Freedom Chair to hike the "Lichen It" trail near Cedar City, Utah.

Here’s Norm tackling some beautiful trails in the Hemi model. He made this video to thank his GoFundMe supporters!

Kyle Maynard is speaker, author, and ESPY Award-winning mixed martial arts athlete. We were excited to have him, join us on our group hike in Copper Mountain Colorado.

Engineered for adventure, equally good for casual fun in the backyard! Check out Matt exploring his backyard.

Jan explores Florida's sandy trails in his GRIT Freedom Chair. Follow along!


Everyday adventure in the Freedom Chair

The GRIT Freedom Chair is designed to handle bumpy sidewalks and crowded busses, helping you to get around town and on with your day.
The GRIT Freedom Chair lets you choose your own path. The easy to push lever drive and stable frame can handle whatever you and your day throw at it. From curbs, to cobblestones, to grass, it's ready for your everyday adventures.
The GRIT Freedom Chair is designed for wooded forests and urban jungles. Take it in on public transit and wherever your day leads.
The GRIT Freedom Chair is small enough to use inside, so your adventure doesn't have to stop at the doorstep. Meet up with friends, grab a seat at the table, and have the freedom to go about your day.


It's a GRIT Life Video Series

Nerissa talks about how she got started living a GRIT life, and she will also show you how easy it is to unbox and assemble your new Freedom Chair!

To the beach! Nerissa talks about using the Freedom Chair in thick and loose sand.

Nerissa uses the Freedom Chair on a recent camping trip!

Nerissa talks about how the GRIT Freedom Chair helps her to continue engaging in one of her favorite activities: hiking!

Nerissa uses the GRIT Freedom Chair to continue exploring nature with her canine companion!

Nerissa talks about how taking a devoted Trail Buddy with her on adventures has not only enhanced her abilities with her GRIT Freedom Chair, but also strengthened those relationships.

Nerissa talks about the versatility of the GRIT Freedom Chair, and how this one piece of equipment can serve a variety of situations.

Nerissa talks all about the lever drive system of the GRIT Freedom Chair.


Tackle a variety of terrain, from the sand to the snow to the trail

Whether it's a sandy beach or a rocky trail, the GRIT Freedom Chair gives you the ability to Move Beyond the Pavement under your own power.

Jeremy loves spending time at the beach. See how he propels himself independently. 

Like anything else, self-propelling the GRIT Freedom Chair in soft sand requires more exertion, but we think it's well worth it!

Join Nerissa as she uses her GRIT Freedom Chair to hike the "Lichen It" trail near Cedar City, Utah.

Check out how the GRIT Freedom Chair handles cobblestones on Boston's historic Freedom Trail!

Roger explores the icy and snowy backcountry roads of New Hampshire in his new GRIT Freedom Chair.
George rides his GRIT Freedom Chair on the snowy roads of Minnesota. The mountain bike wheels give plenty of traction, and the levers make it easy to push the chair through the packed snow.


Tips and tricks for using the GRIT Freedom Chair


See basic tips about riding the GRIT Freedom Chair. You'll learn how to use the levers for propulsion, how the levers are inserted into the drivetrain and how you can remove them and store them on the frame.

The GRIT Freedom Chair disassembles quickly and easily for transport in just about any vehicle. Watch Nerissa take her Freedom Chair apart in LESS than 40 seconds while she sits in her every day ultralight wheelchair.

The GRIT Freedom Chair can be transported in a variety of vehicles, even small sedans. In this video Nerissa shows how she is able to independently disassemble and load it into a Toyota Corolla.

You can transfer in and out of the GRIT Freedom Chair from your everyday wheelchair if you need to! See how Nerissa does this from her Tilite AeroZ. *NOTE: Nerissa has a degenerative chronic illness that affects her nerves causing chronic pain, fatigue, muscle weakness, and motor control challenges.