Features of the GRIT Freedom Chair

How to use, transport, and fix

We know purchasing adaptive equipment can be a serious investment, so our team works hard to offer the most versatile, rugged wheelchair on the market to make your investment worthwhile.

GRIT spent years prototyping the design of the GRIT Freedom Chair to make sure it was best suited to help those who matter most: the riders. We have arranged hundreds of face-to-face demos with wheelchair riders around the world and use their feedback to craft our products and our company mission. From the implementation of components and accessories to the relationships we build with our customers, the GRIT team is committed to doing all we can to help you be active in your adventures, over and over again.

The result? A tough all-terrain wheelchair ready to take you just about anywhere. Hit the trails, an obstacle course race, a grassy park, the beach, or anyplace you can enjoy independence or quality time with the people you love. Below, we’ll discuss some of the key features of the GRIT Freedom Chair.

If at any point you have questions, need clarification, or would like to talk to a team member about getting a GRIT Freedom Chair of your very own, give us a call! 877-345-4748.

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Less Shoulder Strain. More Fun.

Easy To Push

Our MIT-designed patented lever drive tested to be about twice as physically efficient as a regular wheelchair. This design is not only more efficient, it is far better suited for safely navigating difficult terrains. We use the properties of leverage to give you the same benefits of shifting gears on a bike. This means that the GRIT Freedom Chair lets you cruise faster than walking speed on smooth ground, but also gives you the power you need to climb up hills and roll through grass, dirt, and sand.

Melissa looks out over mountains from rocky summit area in GRIT Freedom Chair

King of the Hill

Grabbing the tops of the levers gives you a lot of torque, making it easier to overcome obstacles.

Close up image of person grabbing tops of levers while using GRIT Freedom Chair

Win the Race

Grabbing the bottoms of the levers lets you cruise efficiently and move faster on sidewalks, bike paths, and roads.

Close up image of person grabbing bottoms of levers while using GRIT Freedom Chair

Take It Anywhere.

Easy To Transport

With lots of quick-release parts, the GRIT Freedom Chair disassembles to pack up easily.

The GRIT Freedom Chair is the first all terrain wheelchair that is just as easy to take to the trail as it is to use on the trail. The wheels, seat back, and footrest can all be removed with quick-release buttons, enabling the GRIT Freedom Chair to fit into the trunk of a small car.

We designed the chair to be disassembled in less than one minute—depending on your vehicle, you may not need to remove all of the parts, but the more you remove, the lighter your load becomes. Compare this to folding chairs, which collapse but still require you to lift to full weight of the chair, or to other all-terrain devices, which may not disassemble or collapse at all.

When fully disassembled, the heaviest part of the GRIT Freedom Chair weighs just 25 pounds.

Easy Maintenance. Endless Customization.

Easy To Repair

All moving parts on the GRIT Freedom Chair are bike parts, so this outdoor wheelchair is easy to customize and easy to service.

We intentionally engineered the GRIT Freedom Chair with as many off-the-shelf bike parts as possible. This allows us as a company to build chairs far quicker than our competitors, but more importantly, it opens a lot of creative and practical opportunities for GRIT riders.

First, these easy-to-source bike parts make the GRIT Freedom Chair easy to maintain. Taking care of your GRIT Freedom Chair is as simple as keeping the tires inflated and occasionally tensioning or greasing the chain.

Second, the GRIT Freedom Chair is easy to customize. Our standard bike interfaces allow you to upgrade the chainring, the tires, the wheels, the chains, the freewheels, the handlebar wraps, and more. Need extra help to make an adjustment? Your local bike shop will know just what to do.

Two hands with tools shown working on back of seat of GRIT Freedom Chair

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