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About Rollators

Maintaining an active lifestyle has never been easier with the use of a rollator. Rollators provide support for those needing assistance walking due to difficulty maintaining balance, to reduce the risk of falling, or to avoid fatigue. Compared to a traditional walker, a rollator has four wheels allowing its user to move more fluidly. Unlike a traditional walker, rollators do not need to be lifted with each step making a rollator beneficial if you have weaker arms. A classic four-wheeled rollator offers stability and easy mobility. Rollators enhance mobility and walking speed. With a rollators four wheels, they require steering and easy hand brake operation which means it might take some time learning how to walk with your mobility aid. 

GRIT offers a wide variety of TOPRO rollators. Offering rollators and walking aids for over 30 years, TOPRO is an industry leader in Europe. Enjoy your active lifestyle in confidence will using a TOPRO rollator around the house, outdoors, or just about anywhere you wish to go.

Elevate everyday usability of your rollator with accessories to customize the functionality to meet your needs. Everyone’s mobility needs are different, which is why TOPRO offers many accessories to assist with your specific situation. From crutch holders to backrests to trays, you customize your TOPRO mobility device to meet your needs.