GRIT Freedom Chair
Accessible Program Partners

About GRIT’s Accessible Program

GRIT works closely with organizations around the world to integrate the Freedom Chair into their programming. Many adaptive sports organizations, recreational facilities, national and state park programs, and businesses have taken it upon themselves to obtain a Freedom Chair for visitors and participants to use. Though the missions of these groups may vary, they share one goal—to broaden their accessible offerings. Browse our current Accessible Program Partners.

The Freedom Chair was built from our belief that every person deserves access to the outdoors and adventure, regardless of physical ability. By applying rigorous engineering and thoughtful product design, in partnership with customers and likeminded organizations, we can create solutions that help all riders live the lives they want to live, without limitations.

Let GRIT Help Your Organization Be More Accessible

From mountain hikes, to beach trips, to walks around the block, the Freedom Chair facilitates a more active, healthy lifestyle. Partners will help promote the Freedom Chair in their area by integrating it into their adaptive programs, hosting events, facilitating demos, and sharing the Freedom Chair story through their own photographs, videos, and experiences. In exchange, GRIT will help share your own story through blogs, social media, and emails to our current and potential riders. Our team will be support your efforts in every way.

The best part of the program? Getting members of your community outdoors, doing things they love and haven’t been able to do in a long while.

Are you part of an organization that could benefit from a GRIT Freedom Chair? If you are a passionate, community-minded organization ready to transform your definition of adventure, we encourage you to consider the Accessible Program. Organizations of any size are welcome to join. See examples of types of partners here.

Current Accessible Program Partners

We have several Accessible Partners within the program who have gone above and beyond to share their passion for getting outdoors with people of all abilities. Each program is different and tailored to each community; some organizations let riders take the chairs out for solo hikes, while others use the chairs to create group events. We can help you figure out what the best type of program is right for you. Browse below to see how these communities are excelling in inclusion and adventures.

Or click on the specific types of partners below:

Adaptive Recreation Partners are all about challenging people with disabilities to discover their strengths through outdoor adventure.

Camp Partners: is there anything better or more fun than camp? Maybe just a camp that offers a Freedom Chair! Explore how camps use the chair.

Our Park Partners include state and federal parks, sanctuaries, farms, and more! These partners are all about growing their accessibility offerings at parks around the country.

Veteran Partners are working day in and day out to support and improve the lives of our country’s veterans by providing them adaptive equipment.

We are lucky to have the support of Rehabilitation Partners like Spaulding Rehabilitation Center that have a Freedom Chair for their patients to use.

About the GRIT Freedom Chair

The GRIT Freedom Chair is a lever-driven, all-terrain wheelchair that combines the efficiency of a handcycle with the small size of a manual wheelchair. The levers amplify your force, making it easier to self-propel, especially outdoors on grass, sand, and rough terrain. This makes it an ideal wheelchair for parks, adaptive and recreational centers, and organizations whose mission is to get people outdoors.