We believe technology can improve people's lives.


That's why we reinvented the wheelchair.

Regular wheelchairs are exhausting to push, hard to use off-road, tricky to fix, and like all medical devices, too expensive. In developing countries, many people with disabilities are trapped at home, unable to attend work or school. In the United States, many riders are stuck on the pavement: their regular wheelchairs can't keep up.  In 2007, as students at MIT, we decided to design something better. But we couldn't do it alone. We enlisted the help of hundreds of wheelchair riders from around the world, mobility-focused nonprofits, seating experts, occupational therapists, and outdoor enthusiasts. This is our story.



Prototype. Test. Repeat.

We're hands-on engineers. That means that while we enjoy crunching the numbers, we love building and testing prototypes. We test our prototypes until they break, then come up with even better versions. Our riders are our strongest supporters, and we reach out to them to get their feedback on what we're working on. It's a collaborative process called user-focused design. It takes longer and is a lot more work, but the results are worth it. Just ask our riders.

Factors we consider



How can we design it to be lighter without sacrificing strength?



How can we make it fold smaller without adding complexity or cost?


How can we make it simpler and easier to manufacture? 



Are the parts easy to find? Is how the chair works easy to understand?

Ease of use

What do wheelchair riders think? Can we make it even easier?



How can we maximize strength while minimizing weight and cost?


Check out our "Nitty Gritty" blog series to learn more about our design process.


What's the best way to use the upper body?

We studied biomechanics and looked at different ways to maximize the power we could get out of a wheelchair rider. We learned that push-rim wheelchairs are really inefficient. On average, 90% of the energy a wheelchair riders uses is wasted. So we explored all the options and then decided on a lever-drive system. It was more efficient than regular push-rims, easy to fit within the confines of a wheelchair frame, and offered the opportunity to change the mechanical advantage by shifting hand position on the levers.

Learn more about how we perfected our lever drive


From us to you

Our promise to our customers

We're not your typical wheelchair company. In fact, we don't consider ourselves a wheelchair company at all. We're a group of engineers that's excited to see their designs help people. We're a small team, but we've got grit. We'll do everything we can to ensure you have a great experience.


We sell direct to you

The GRIT Freedom Chair is half the price of the competition because we've found a better way to do things: we've cut out all the middlemen.

We listen to your feedback

We couldn't have gotten this far without feedback from hundreds of riders. Our customers are the most valuable voices on our design team.

We stand by what we build

We've tested the crap out of the GRIT Freedom Chair and are confident it'll stand up to everything you throw at it. If something breaks, we're here to help.