Leave tracks in the sand with your GRIT Freedom Chair

Whether you want to hit the beach, cruise along a lakeshore, or a tackle a sandy trail, we’ve got you covered! The GRIT Freedom Chair is a great option for those beach adventures. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • The levers make the chair easier to push, so it’s easier to propel yourself.

  • The mountain bike wheels and front caster are larger than standard wheelchair wheels, so you won’t sink as low into the sand.

  • The chair disassembles and fits in the trunk of a small car, so there’s still room for your beach gear.

Remember: Just as walking in sand is difficult, so is pushing. Loose sand can be incredibly challenging, but it gets easier as it gets more packed, and nothing beats leaving your own tracks. Another option: Bring a buddy who can add an extra push from behind when you need it!


Riders who use the GRIT Freedom Chair at the beach


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Meet a few riders using the GRIT Freedom Chair on sand to leave their own tracks!

Jeremy on the beach in the Carolinas.

Join Nerissa as she pushes herself through the sand and into the water! (Note: She's using a GRIT Freedom Chair 3.0 with Sand/Snow Wheels.)

Nerissa offers tips and tricks for riding on sand.


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