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As you become more familiar with GRIT Freedom Chair you probably want to see actual riders using it. Don’t worry - we have you covered!

Perhaps you prefer hearing from a rider with your specific illness or injury, or maybe you want to see a rider partaking in one of your favorite activities. Whether you prefer reading, scrolling through pictures or watching a video, GRIT has a deep well of content for you. Let’s get started!

Explore Stories of Riders Who Share Your Passions and Interests

GRIT Freedom Chair riders don't take no for an answer. They take their mobility into their own hands and pursue what's most important to them: whether it's enjoying the great outdoors, staying healthy, or spending quality time with the people (or pets) they love. They live their lives to the fullest, wherever the path leads.

What are you most looking forward to in your GRIT Freedom Chair?

“When I’m cruising downhill on this chair, or on a trail and gliding over rocks and bumps, I feel like I’m on a mountain bike. A mountain bike! After ten years in a wheelchair this is an indescribable feeling! I’m having fun that I didn’t know was possible as a paraplegic.” -Beka A

I [am] able to expose my children to the wonder of the outdoors, to carry on our family tradition. I can be the kind of a parent that I always wanted to be. I have the ability to give my kids the childhood they deserve, and to feel like a real active father again.” -Ilan G

“The Freedom Chair provides so many opportunities for individuals with physical challenges, but the number one reason I like it is because it allows me to add another way to exercise and to compete to stay healthy and strong.” -Bennie P

Read from Others Who Have Similar Ability Levels and Diagnoses

People of all ages and abilities are using the GRIT Freedom Chair to move beyond the pavement. We have riders with spinal cord injuries, MS, and many other challenges. We have divided our content by diagnosis to help you get the information you need. Don’t see content relevant to you? Send us an email and we will help.

Featured Content from our Riders

Ready to see the GRIT Freedom Chair in action?

Are you wondering, just how “all-terrain” is this wheelchair? We get it! Some companies make claims about their products that simply are not true. We thought, what better way to explain how all-terrain the Freedom Chair is, than to show it in action. Whether you are a beach bum who wants to take the chair to the shore or a snow bunny that can’t wait to get on the trails, we guarantee our chairs have been there.