The GRIT Guarantee

What better way to know that the GRIT Freedom Chair works for you than to try it in your own backyard? Every purchase is backed by our guarantee, so you can be sure it’s right for you.

What Is the GRIT Guarantee?

When you imagine yourself riding in the Freedom Chair, where are you riding? Cutting through grass at a nearby park? Wheeling over packed sand with a fishing pole in your backpack? Are you soaked in mud, rounding the final turn of your first Spartan race? Is your spouse—or significant other, or son, or daughter, or friend—joining you on an ice cream run? Whatever it is, GRIT wants you to actually go there.

Our team holds demos when possible, but this doesn’t make for the ideal experience. Here’s why:

  • Good health is a luxury. If you aren’t feeling well on the day you planned to demo, you may have to miss it. Opportunity lost.

  • Time. Anyone can hop into the Freedom Chair for a 30-minute demo and get the idea, but that is hardly enough to make a fair assessment. The longer people spend in the chair, the more they get used to it. The more they get used to it, the more they love it!

  • Logistics. Unfortunately, neither we nor you can be everywhere at once. While we’d love to have you at our facility or fly out to you with a Freedom Chair, that isn’t always an option.

  • Location. It is tough to really imagine the crunch of leaves, the crackle of snow, or the triumphant leap over a gnarly root, without actually being there to experience it. The Freedom Chair is, as we say, engineered for adventure, so even if you found out about us at a hospital expo, we want you to use it out in the real world.

Enter the GRIT Guarantee.

How Does It Work?

The GRIT Guarantee allows our customers to use the GRIT Freedom Chair for up to 30 days and, if necessary, return it without penalty. Most who try the Freedom Chair adamantly refuse to give it up, but sometimes it just isn’t a good fit for an individual. That’s okay. Aside from orders for custom parts or models, customers can send their chair back for just the price of shipping (usually $99 both ways).

The 30-day timeline doesn’t start until the chair is delivered. At that point, you’ll have 30 days to use it in almost any way you want. Take it through the snow, the mud, the dirt, the...whatever you’d like. Train in it. Get muddy. Get filthy. Challenge yourself in it. Scratch it up a bit if you have to. Most of all, use it as much and as often as you can.

The Freedom Chair is a wonderful piece of equipment but it does take time for your mind to adjust to the chair and your body to gain the strength to use it. It is a full-body workout...I have cerebral palsy so I only speak from experience. The Freedom Chair has allowed me to participate in 5Ks (something I would have never been able to do otherwise)...Make it a goal to use it, even if it is only on the weekends.
— Brandy H.

If our riders have questions or concerns during this 30-day period, we’re happy to talk over the phone. Or on email. Or social media. Or text. We know a thing or two about the Freedom Chair and we talk with hundreds of riders every week, so we’re happy to navigate all sorts of questions. The solution to the dilemma at hand may be easier to find than you may think.

...But sometimes it isn’t. Sometimes the chair just isn’t the right one. At that point, we’ll ask you to fill out a form that’ll help us improve our process and design. Then, we’ll ship you return straps, a shipping label, and part-by-part re-boxing steps. You can even use the same box that carried the chair to you in the first place—just put the chair back in the box, seal it with the straps we sent, and place the label over the old one. You can then schedule UPS to come pick it up or drop the box off at your nearby UPS store. Once the chair arrives back at GRIT, we’ll make sure everything is in the box and we’ll then issue your refund. Here’s the whole process.

We won’t offer a mess of convoluted instructions, we won’t make you jump through hoops to get your refund, and we’ll still think you’re awesome for giving it a go. We’ll communicate with you throughout the whole return process so you can be on your way. We’ll then find a new way to put your chair to work somewhere else, which is always easier than we expect.

[In my 30 days], I would take my Freedom Chair to a park and ride, ride, ride. I would take it where I need to go on a regular basis. Try it out! That’s the point, right? I love mine. I’ve had it for about 3 and 1/2 years.
— Sally G.

Getting Familiar with the Ride

Working out in a Freedom Chair for the first time is like going to the weight room for the first time—it can be difficult! But, also like the gym, using the Freedom Chair gets a bit easier every time you do it. If you stick with it, your mind and muscles will become more familiar with the chair.

Those 30 full days are your opportunity to gain this familiarity. Maybe the first ride in the chair is more difficult than you expected, or maybe you weren’t feeling well when the chair arrived, or maybe something else happened that prevented you from using it right away. Whatever it is, GRIT wants you to have plenty of time to get some miles under those new tires.

Eventually, initial setbacks make way for personal fitness records, vistas and views, and a realized access to adventure (no matter what adventure means to you).

Knowing there was a 30-day satisfaction guarantee was helpful in getting me over the purchase hump—but once I had the chair, I knew I would love it. Even more important than the guarantee is GRIT’s long-term commitment to rider success. The team has been really proactive in making sure my chair works well for me.
— Julia B.

Support from GRIT During the 30-Day Period

With the GRIT Freedom Chair, you are never alone in the woods—that is, unless you want to be. GRIT is easy to contact by phone, email, text, website, social media, and elsewhere—and we hope you reach out to us as often as you need to.

Every rider, goal, body, fitness hurdle, solution, terrain, and situation can be different, and that’s part of what keeps our job so exciting. Getting comfortable with the Freedom Chair during this 30-day period means troubleshooting any comfort and performance issues with us. If something feels “off,” let’s talk! If you need help with a technique or particular terrain, let’s talk.

Sometimes, a small adjustment can turn things around, so we’ll chat with you throughout these first 30 days to make sure you have everything you need. We want to try every reasonable solution to whatever is preventing you from enjoying your experience. If you keep the chair, awesome! Every Freedom Chair owner is protected by our warranty.

The GRIT Guarantee: Chat with Other Riders

While our team is of course here for you, we also understand you may prefer to talk things out with a current Freedom Chair owner. To make this easy, we’ve created a private Facebook group for owners and immediate family members of Freedom Chair owners. This Rider Group has become a lively platform for riders to share their ups, downs, ideas, goals, victories, and more. Freedom Chair riders live all around the world, too, so it isn’t uncommon for riders to use the group to coordinate meetups, hikes, and Freedom Chair 5K teams.

Have Questions? Want More Information?

The truth is, the Freedom Chair isn't the right mobility device for everyone (no mobility device is) and we are okay with that. We also know there’s no better way to determine the usability of a product than trying it out for yourself.

If you’re ready to start building your chair, check out our lineup here. Otherwise, let’s talk! Our team is happy to discuss anything you need to move forward with confidence. Contact us anytime at or by calling us at 877-345-4748.