Access Trax Mats

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Access Trax Mats
  • Durable, lightweight, foldable portable wheelchair access mats
  • For terrain like sand, gravel, dirt, mulch, and grass
  • Tested with mobility devices such as power/manual wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, canes, & strollers
  • Also works with heavy equipment like lifeguard vehicles and forklifts
  • For short-term use, use as-is! Stake the mats down for longer-term use.
  • Invented by occupational therapists; inspired by adaptive surfers
  • Trusted by 40+ nonprofits globally & the Department of Veterans Affairs


What's Included?

1 – Mat 36" x 36" x 1/8" (91 x 91 x 0.32 cm)
3 – Hinges


Ordering Instructions & Notes

Simply select the number of mats you would like! Please note there is a 5-mat minimum order.


Transportation & Storage

The Access Trax Mats are designed to be transported and stored laying flat. They stack very thin and you can store other equipment on top! Beto, in the photo below, is transporting his Access Trax Mats in the back of his accessible van. If by chance you do need to transport the Access Trax standing upright, no worries. You can always lay them down flat once you get to your destination.


You Can Even Fly with Them!

The Access Trax Mats are so portable, you can take them with you on your travels for on-demand wheelchair accessibility. Simply check them as luggage on the plane. Airlines typically do not charge fees for this, but it is always a good idea to check in advance. Here are some specific tips for air travel with your Access Trax Mats:

  • Connect the mats using the provided hinges & accordion fold into a stack
  • Using duct tape, secure at least top, bottom and corners to prevent opening
  • Connect to carrying strap if you have one
  • Check as luggage (not in your carry-on)


Woman-Owned and USA-Manufactured

GRIT is proud to work alongside Access Trax, a woman-owned organization manufacturing products in the USA.


Warranty Information

This product is protected by a 6-month manufacturer warranty under normal use, recommended storage, and proper installation.


Access Trax Mats Manual

Click here to see the Access Trax Mats Manual.


Who Already Uses Access Trax Mats?

Simply enough, Access Trax Mats work really well, so it is no surprise that individuals and groups near and far use them regularly. Families, public and private organizations, and government agencies all rely on Access Trax Mats to provide safe egress over uneven or unpredictable terrains. Here are just some of the groups putting Access Trax Mats to work!


See It In Action!

  • Access Trax Mats
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