How does a lever drive compare?

vs Manual Wheelchairs

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Easier to push

Studies on wheelchair propulsion found that lever drives don't require as much strength as push rims.

Lower impact

Ergonomic studies found that the lever motion doesn't stress your shoulders and wrists like push rims do.

Keep your hands clean

The padded levers keep your hands away from trail dirt and street grime.

More stable on uneven terrain

Lever driven chairs, like the GRIT Freedom Chair, can have a larger footprint than traditional wheelchairs, increasing their stability.

vs Handcycles


Upright seating position

You can sit comfortably at a normal wheelchair height, rather than inches above the ground.

Indoor mobility

Chairs with lever drives are a lot shorter than handcycles, making them much easier to maneuver indoors.

Easier to transport

Since lever drive chairs are shorter and narrower than handcycles, they can fit in your car's trunk.

More versatile

Handcycles are great on roads, and that's about it. Lever chairs work on the road, but also the yard, the trail, the beach, the store, and more!

vs Power Wheelchairs



Unlike power chairs, in a lever chair you can push yourself, which helps you build strength and endurance.

More fun

Pushing yourself in a lever chair is fun! Feel in control of your own mobility and proud of your ability.

Easier to transport

Lever drive chairs are lighter weight than power chairs, and don't require lifts or specialized vans to transport.

Infinite battery life

Unlike power chairs, lever chairs don't have electronics that need recharging or mainteance. You're the battery!