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Description The GRIT Freedom Chair: Spartan was designed with the strongest and most adventurous riders in mind. Originally built for competitive obstacle course racing, this rugged off-road chair is ready for... The GRIT Junior is the world's first all-terrain kids wheelchair. features all the off-road, mud-sloshing, grass-conquering fun of a GRIT Freedom Chair...but for kids! With the GRIT Junior, young...
Availability: Expected to ship in 2-6 weeks. Expected to ship in 7-9 weeks.
Other Details
  • Product Type: GRIT Freedom Chairs
  • Chair Seat Width: 13-20" (Adult)
  • Products with Compatible Accessories: Spartan
  • Chair Seat Width (Inches): 16
  • Chair Seat Width (Inches): 18
  • Chair Seat Width (Inches): 20
  • Product Type: GRIT Freedom Chairs
  • Chair Seat Width (Inches): <10-12 (Junior)
  • Products with Compatible Accessories: GRIT Junior