Getting Your Exercise in the GRIT Freedom Chair


"Being a wheelchair user, or anyone with some type of physical disability, can be hard. These situations sometimes come with a lot of stress and depression and learning ways to deal with it could help change you for the better. The main way [to change] is exercise. You don’t have to be a pro, but adopting some type of workout routine is good place to start. There are several ways to get started."

- Wes

GRIT Freedom Chair riders stay in shape

The GRIT Freedom Chair is a great low impact cardio workout. The ergonomic lever motion is easy on the shoulders, enabling you to build arm and chest muscles and improve your fitness.


Racing to good health

In addition to cruising their favorite routes, GRIT Freedom Chair riders love to participate in community races, "walks," obstacle races, and other fun fitness events. Cross the finish line in 5Ks, Spartan Races, and even ultra-marathons!


Heart healthy

The ergonomic lever motion is easy on smooth ground, exercising your heart and lungs in addition to your arms and chest muscles. GRIT Freedom Chair riders love the low impact cardio workout.

Riders who are passionate about fitness

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