How it works

The GRIT Freedom Chair features a unique lever drive.

The GRIT Freedom Chair's easy to push lever drive combines the efficiency of handycles and the small size of manual wheelchairs. The levers amplify your force, making it easier to self propel, especially outdoors on grass, sand, and rough terrain. Scientific research shows that lever drives are ergonomic and a great source of low-impact cardio exercise. 

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What are the benefits of pushing with levers?


Easy to push

The GRIT Freedom Chair's lever drive has a mechanical advantage between the lever and the wheel, making it easier to push the chair forward than on push-rim wheelchairs.


Low impact

The lever drive uses an ergonomic motion that engages large muscle groups in the chest and shoulders. It can help eliminate the shoulder issues that plague push-rim wheelchair users.


Clean hands

The levers keep your hands far away from the wheels and everything they are rolling through. They also provide easy braking, since you don't have to try to grab slippery push-rims.


Fun to ride

The lever drive takes the physical stress out of pushing yourself around, helping you to focus on enjoying your environment and the friends and family you're exploring it with.


Heart healthy

The ergonomic lever motion is easy on smooth ground, exercising your heart and lungs rather than just your arms. Many GRIT Freedom Chair riders love the low impact cardio workout.



The lever drive is compact, especially when compared to crank-drives on handcycles. The GRIT Freedom Chair easily disassembles to fit in the the trunk of a small car.

See it in action

Easy to push

Less shoulder strain. More fun.

Our MIT-designed patented lever drive is easier to push than regular wheelchairs, but is way more powerful. We use the properties of levers to give you the benefits of shifting gears on a bike. This means that the GRIT Freedom Chair lets you cruise faster than walking speed on smooth ground, but also gives you the power you need to climb over hills and roll through grass, dirt, and sand. Ready for a break? Pulling backwards on the levers applies the brakes.


King of the hill

Grabbing the top of the levers gives you a lot of torque, making it easy to overcome obstacles.

Win the race

Grabbing the bottom of the levers lets you cruise efficiently on sidewalks, bike paths, and roads.

Take it anywhere 

With quick-release everything, the GRIT Freedom Chair is always ready for adventure.

The GRIT Freedom Chair is the first all-terrain wheelchair that’s just as easy to get to the trail as it is to use on the trail.  The wheels, seatback, and footrest are all quick release, enabling the GRIT Freedom Chair to fit into the trunk of a small car. We designed it to disassemble in less than a minute, and the more you disassemble the lighter it gets (as opposed to folding chairs, which stay the same weight regardless). The weight of the heaviest part to lift into the car is just 25 pounds.

Built for the trail

Finally, a chair that can keep up with you.

The GRIT Freedom Chair was designed by our world-class team of MIT engineers to handle any terrain. The 26” mountain bike tires give you superior traction, especially compared to regular wheelchair wheels. Coupled with our lever drive, it’s an unstoppable combination. The GRIT Freedom Chair’s lightweight steel frame is extremely strong and provides a smooth ride over bumpy terrain. The big front wheel doesn't get stuck and the three-wheeled footprint is stable like a tripod. 


Roll over anything

The 9" inflatable front wheel absorbs shocks, distributes your weight on soft ground, and never gets stuck. It offers an unparalleled smooth ride on all kinds of terrain.


The right tread for the job

The GRIT Freedom Chair tires (in the middle below) offer great off-road traction without slowing you down on the pavement. At 1.75" wide, they are almost twice as wide as standard wheelchair wheels (on the left below). While the regular GRIT Freedom Chair tires do fine on soft ground like sand and snow, if you're a beach bum or snow bunny, you'll want to check out our Sand/Snow tires (on the right below). At 2.25" wide, they float over the soft stuff.

regular wheelchair tire

standard GRIT Freedom Chair tire

optional beach/snow tire


How does the GRIT Freedom Chair compare?

vs Manual Wheelchairs

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Easier to push

Studies on wheelchair propulsion found that the GRIT Freedom Chair's lever drive doesn't require as much strength or endurace as push-rims.

Lower impact

Ergonomic studies found that the lever motion doesn't stress your shoulders and wrists like push-rims do.

Keep your hands clean

The GRIT Freedom Chair's padded levers keep your hands away from trail dirt and street grime.

More stable on uneven terrain

The GRIT Freedom Chair has a larger footprint than traditional wheelchairs, making it much more stable so that you can ride safely.

vs Handcycles

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Upright seating position

The GRIT Freedom Chair lets you sit comfortably at a normal wheelchair height, rather than inches above the ground.

Indoor mobility

The GRIT Freedom Chair is a lot shorter than handcycles, making it much easier to maneuver indoors.

Easier to transport

Unlike most handcycles, the GRIT Freedom Chair can fit in the trunk of a small car.

More versatile

Handcycles are great on roads, and that's about it. The GRIT Freedom Chair works on the road, but also the yard, the trail, the beach, the store, and more!

vs Power Wheelchairs



Unlike power chairs, in the GRIT Freedom Chair you can push yourself, which helps you build strength, endurance, and health.

More fun

Pushing yourself in the GRIT Freedom Chair is fun! Feel in control of your own mobility and proud of your ability.

Easier to transport

The GRIT Freedom Chair is lighter than power chairs, and doesn't require lifts or specialized vans to transport.

Infinite battery life

Unlike power chairs, the GRIT Freedom Chair doesn't have electronics that need recharging or maintenance. You're the battery!