Hunting and Fishing

Many GRIT Freedom Chair riders love to hunt and fish! The easy to push lever drive helps them navigate wooded trails to get to their deer blinds or traverse sandy beaches to get to their favorite fishing spots. The three wheeled frame is stable, providing a safe and secure firing position for sport shooting, bird hunting, casting, and more.

Fishing with the GRIT Freedom Chair

Many of our riders have one goal with the Freedom Chair: to regain or maintain their independence, while continuing to enjoy their hobbies. For some this means exercise or enjoying a stroll with their children. For others, like Mark, it means hitting the banks and getting out for a good day (or weekend!) of fishing. Of course, planning a successful trip takes some consideration: locations can be tricky and you want to have the right equipment. But fear not! We are happy to have Mark share his experience around his very first fishing trip with the GRIT Freedom Chair.


“I'm happy to report that fishing [in the GRIT Freedom Chair] was a success! I was able to both fish from the riverbank and do some fly fishing while in the river. I was more concerned about the latter since [it requires you] to be in the water to be able to cast. Even though the water level is high this year on the Au Sable River in the northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan, we went to a canoe landing where it was relatively shallow and the current was lighter.

Unfortunately, most canoe landings have a log border with a 1-2 foot drop into the river, but luckily we were able to go around the log barrier and down a grass slope to get into the water. I needed help for this part, not sure if I would have made it on my own so my dad and brother helped get down and up the river bank.

Once I was in the water, however, it was surprisingly easy to move around. The bottom of the river is a mix of small rocks and sand, which the GRIT Freedom Chair handled nicely. I was able to get out about halfway across the river (max depth of about 1.5 feet) and make it back to shore. Casting wasn't an issue since the chair was stable and I was able to use the handles for balance if needed. It was great to be out in the river again, and I'm sure with a little more planning and the right bait that I will be more successful next time.”

 Hunting in the GRIT Freedom Chair

My name is Ty Hockett. In 2009 I was in a car accident and I sustained a spinal cord injury leaving me as a C-5 quadriplegic. However, that hasn’t deterred me from continuing to spend every day in the outdoors. I grew up in Kansas so my life has always revolved around hunting. Since I was a kid, you could always find me filming or hunting with my dogs and to this day that still holds true. My wife, Cort and I hunt nearly every day during the season and in the offseason you can find us working dogs or hiking. Everyday is an adventure, sometimes you just have to look harder than others to find it.


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