Returning your chair

We're sorry things didn't work out. We'll take care of it.

1. Let us know that you'll be returning your chair (within 30 days of receiving it).

To initiate a return of the chair, please fill out this return authorization questionnaire. Note that there are no answers that would prevent you from receiving a refund. We're collecting the information to improve the GRIT Freedom Chair and the overall ordering experience.

If you think you would be more comfortable in a different size GRIT Freedom Chair then we can arrange an exchange for you. Please email us at to initiate an exchange.


2. We'll send you a return shipping label and some new straps for the box.

It is very important that you send the chair to us in its original packaging. Sending it to us in other packaging will incur shipping and restocking fees. Use all three straps to reseal the box.


3. Put the chair back in the box.

The chair goes into the box in basically the opposite order that you took it out of the box. Use the slideshow below as a guide, and don't hesitate to call us if you need help at any point in the process.

Clicking on the images below will make them larger and will display more information in their caption.

If you are returning a 20" seat width chair, you must remove the parking brakes (by following these instructions) before putting the chair into the box.

IMPORTANT: use all three straps to seal the box. Tighten the straps so that they snugly wrap the box. You should be able to lift the box with the straps without the strap sliding out. Cut off any extra strap with some scissors. If you don't use all three straps, we can't guarantee you a full refund, since the box and contents will likely arrive to us damaged.


4. Put the return shipping label over the original shipping label.


5. Drop the box off at any UPS Store.*

You'll have up to two weeks, from the time you receive the return shipping label, to ship the chair back to us at GRIT. As soon as we receive the chair, we'll reassemble it to ensure it's in good working condition. If everything looks good, we'll issue you a full refund.

*You can also choose to have your chair picked up from your home by UPS. To do this, contact UPS to schedule a home pickup. They typically charge a $10-15 pickup fee, which we will not be able to reimburse. We do, however, cover the shipping cost back to GRIT (since we send you the prepaid label).