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Getting started in your new GRIT Freedom Chair?

Performing maintenance on your GRIT Freedom Chair?

User Manuals

Freedom Chair User Manual r3.0 (PDF)

Buddy Handle Installation Instructions (PDF)

Trail Handle Installation Instructions (PDF)

Antitip Installation Instructions (PDF)

Parking brake (20" seat width only) installation (PDF)

Pneumatic front wheel (upgrade only) installation (PDF)

Return Instructions (PDF)

Tips for riding the Freedom Chair

This short video covers some basic tips about riding the Freedom Chair. You'll learn how to use the levers for propulsion a special technique for climbing steep hills. We'll also show you how the levers are inserted into the drivetrain as well as how you can remove them and store them on the frame.

How to: install the fork with front wheel

Important note! We recently upgraded our fork components and the new assembly process is slightly different. Use the markings on your Freedom Chair to determine which fork model you have, and which video you should follow.


Freedom Chairs that say "Forty" and "Cane Creek" where the front wheel attaches.

The chairs also have bright blue pieces on the front wheel's dust cover.


When you receive your Freedom Chair, you will need to install the fork which holds the front wheel. This is the only assembly step that requires a tool, which we include in your box. In this video, Ben explains how to install it.

Freedom Chairs that have black front wheel pieces with no text on them

These chairs have a dust cover that comes in many pieces, all of which are silver or black.

This video talks you through the front wheel installation on the GRIT Freedom Chair. You only need to install the front wheel once, during the initial unboxing procedure. It's the only assembly step that requires a tool.

How to: Inflate the tires

The GRIT Freedom Chair uses mountain bike wheels. You can inflate the tires using a standard bike pump. In this tutorial we explain how the valves work.

How to: Adjust the parking brakes

The parking brakes on the Freedom Chair are adjustable to accommodate a range of riding conditions and even different wheels. In this video, Mario explains how to adjust the position of the parking brakes.

How to: Tension the chains

Like the chains on a bicycle, sometimes the chains on the Freedom Chair become loose and need to be tightened. In this video, Mario shows you what the ideal chain tension looks like and how you can adjust your chain tension to match.

How to: Disassemble the Freedom Chair

How to: change the handlebar tape on the levers

Supplies needed: new bicycle handlebar tape (or a GRIT lever wrap), scissors, and electrical tape.