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LapMat™ by Equip

The LapMat™ by Equip Products is the only product on the market that was developed to protect wheelchair athletes’ legs during training. With a LapMat™ secured to your chair or legs, you can be assured that you have an additional layer of protection to keep you in the gym longer, train harder, and be the beast you were meant to be. The LapMat™ was designed with input from some of the fittest wheelchair adaptive athletes in the world.


The Problem:

Wheelchair athletes were using floor mats or a wide variety of cushions to protect their legs in the event that they dropped a barbell during a lift. The shock of a barbell being dropped on your lap is quite severe even with smaller weight loads. We tested this by dropping an empty barbell on our laps in a seated position. The ensuing force that we felt from less than six inches away, with a thirty-five-pound barbell, was eye-opening.


The Solution:

The LapMat™, as the athletes so named it, is the solution. The LapMat™ is available in two sizes to accommodate the different body types of Adaptive Athletes. We manufacture the LapMat™ in the mid-west and handcraft each and everyone within our facility.  It is designed to not get in the way during a workout, but also be readily available when you’re pressing a barbell overhead or any other weighted movement.


Design Criteria

The top of the LapMat™ has a custom foam that is designed to absorb shock, and the bottom foam is for the protection of the legs. You can also turn the LapMat™ over and use the bounce of the bottom foam for wall ball workouts. There is a rigid piece between the two foam cushions to absorb shock and diffuse the weight across a larger cross-section of the athlete's lap. The straps are specifically made to alleviate abrasions and maintain the integrity of the skin.


What size should I order?

The LapMat is available in two sizes, a small and a large. If you are tall and have unusually long legs go with the large. Typically, if there is any doubt go with the small. The small LapMat™ will sit neatly within the span of your femur (the long upper leg bones) and allow you to clear a barbell easier in a wheelchair. The large LapMat™ is 16" wide and 11.75" long from the front to the belt. The small LapMat™ is 14.5" wide and 9" long from the front to the belt.



This product is covered by Equip's 60-day satisfaction guarantee.


How to strap on the LapMat™:

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