Spike Snow (Seated) by Exero

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Spike Snow (Seated) by Exero

The Spike Snow (Seated) by Exero is a revolutionary, lightweight (just 11.2 lbs. / 5.1 kgs.) adaptive mobility device similar to a cross-country sit-ski or a para nordic seated ski! Users simply strap themselves into the Spike Snow (Seated) by Exero, adjust the seat angle, height and width, and footrest as desired, and propel themselves forward using polesjust like the professional parathletes.

Whether you're racing for gold or looking for a way to stay active during winter, the Spike Snow (Seated) by Exero can help you cruise through the snow in style. Because of its seated position and multiple strap/security options, this product is popular for riders includingbut not limited to—those with spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, spina bifida, cerebral palsy, lower-limb amputations, and more. It is a great solution for those who are uncomfortable in a kneeled position.


What's included?

Every order for the Spike Snow (Seated) by Exero includes:

  • Spike Snow (Seated) by Exero
  • Extra Belts
  • Utility Bag
  • Spike Performance T-Shirt
  • Seat cushion (as selected)
  • Extra Rubber Knobs
  • SWIX Triac 4.0 Poles and SWIX Hand Straps (if selected)
  • Skis (if selected)


User Manual

Click here to view the user manual, which includes important information about:

  • Safe riding and maintenance
  • Comfort and performance adjustments
  • Storing your Spike
  • And more!


Which cushion is right for me?

The standard ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) cushion measures is a sleek, .6" (15mm) thick cushion. EVA is a popular, flexible, and resilient material used in ski boots, hockey pads, boxing globes, and elsewhere. You may also recognize the material from yoga blocks, which are almost always made of EVA.


For optimal support and protection against pressure ulcers, select the upgraded vacuum cushion. This vacuum cushion measures 16" x 12" (40 x 30 cm)can be inflated or deflated to your desired firmness and comes with a manual pump. Check out this video to see more about the vacuum cushion adjustment.


Which skis are right for me?

The Spike Snow (Seated) by Exero is designed to fit Turnamic bindings, which allow for easy mounting and adjusting without tools. We offer four ski options (read below), but if you prefer to add third-party skis, you absolutely can.

Whether you order your Spike Snow (Seated) by Exero with skis or source your own, attaching and detaching the skis from the seat is quick and simple, so you can store and transport it however you'd like! 

Ski Option #1: Fischer SCS Skate IFP

The core of the Fischer SCS Skate IFP is made of Airc Core Basalite, making it extremely lightweight and durable. Riders praise this ski for its sheer lack of bulk. Despite their light weight, their ski camber is designed to increase stability. Select this ski if you are looking for a light, affordable ski that offers a well-balanced ride.

Ski Option #2: Fischer RSC Skate Plus IFP

The Fischer RSC Skate Plus IFP is an extremely popular ski and has been the choice of World Cup Champion skiers; in fact, it has more World Cup experience than any other Fischer ski. It boasts universal flex for any snow conditions and signature holed tips for weighty reduction and aerodynamic efficiency. With its Cold Base Bonding, the Fischer RSC Skate Plus IFP offers smoother gliding, better wax absorption, and increased speed.

Ski Option #3: Fischer Speedmax 3D Skate Plus IFP

TheFischer Speedmax 3D Skate Plus IFP is an improvement on the well-known and popular Speedmax skis. With a stiffer camber and Gliding Sidewall meant to minimize friction and offer previously unimaginable glide. Select the Fischer Speedmax 3D Skate Plus IFP for peak competitive performance.

Ski Option #4: Bring Your Own Skis!

If you prefer to attach your own skis, go for it! Before you do, read the user manual to make sure you select skis that are compatible with your Spike Snow (Seated) by Exero.


What about the poles?

Use the dropdown menu above to select the SWIX Triac 4.0 Poles (39-55"/100-140 cm) and we'll ship those with your Spike Snow (Seated) by Exero. Note that these poles also come with a pair of SWIX Hand Straps for a comfortable, secure grip.

If you'd like to order your Spike Snow (Seated) by Exero and then source your own poles afterward, be our guest! How tall should the poles be? A good rule of thumb is to select poles that reach somewhere between your chin and nose while you're in a sitting position on the Spike Snow (Seated) by Exero.


Can you convert a Spike Snow (Seated) to a Spike (Kneeled) or a Spike (Seated)?

These three products are completely unique! This means you cannot convert one to another. 



The Spike Snow (Seated) by Exero can be adjusted in many different ways by using simple tools. However, we are happy to adjust to you as much as possible so that you can start riding as soon as possible. After you place your order, we'll reach out to collect three quick measurements!


See it in action!


Product Specifications

Weight: 11.2 lbs (51 kg.)

Length: 3'5" (108 cm.)

Width: 1'3" (40 cm.)

Height: 1'0" - 1'3" (30 - 40 cm.)


Weight & Height Ranges

The Spike Snow (Seated) by Exero is designed for users who fall within the below ranges:

User Weight: 99 - 243 lbs. (45 - 110 kg.)

User Height: 4'9" - 6'9" (145 - 205 cm.)


Adjustments & Comfort

Every Spike Snow (Seated) by Exero comes with a vacuum cushion in the seat with a soft, neoprene cover. Easily adjust the firmness of the cushion with the included adapter and seat cushion vacuum pump. When you receive your Spike Snow (Seated) by Exero, there are four adjustments that will make sure you're comfortable and set up for an ergonomic, efficient, and safe snowy adventure!

Seat angle: -19° - 37°

Seat height*: 1'0" - 1'3" (30 - 40 cm)

Seat width: 1'0" - 1'3" (32 - 41 cm)

Leg length**: 2'6" - 3'4" (78 - 105 cm)

*Seat height is measured from the ground to the seat.

**Leg length is measured from your hip to your bottom heel

  • Spike Snow (Seated) by Exero
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