Ergobaum Dual Underarm Crutches by Ergoactives - Pair

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Ergobaum Dual Underarm Crutches by Ergoactives - Pair

The Ergobaum Dual is an innovative dual-function, shock absorbing underarm crutch with forearm support. By utilizing its multiple, patented, built-in shock absorption systems, the Ergobaum Dual provides superior comfort by reducing the impacts of stressors caused by traditional underarm crutches. Combined with the included Ergo-Pad underarm air cushions and Ergo-Cap crutch tips, these engineered ergonomic solutions collectively make the Ergobaum Dual the world’s most comfortable and advanced underarm crutches.

This product is covered by Ergoactives' 1-year warranty.


Key Features

  • Designed to promote an optimal gait and eliminate secondary injuries associated with crutch use
  • Integrated shock absorption system in the base
  • Three points of height and position adjustment for maximum comfort
  • Ergonomic soft hand grip
  • Equipped with an Ergo-Cap tip
  • Easily folds in half for travel
  • LED flashlight, horn, and light reflectors built-in for safety
  • Foldable knee-rest platform
  • Cushioned forearm strap and pad
  • Lightweight and durable anodized aluminum poles



Q: How to adjust the height?

A: By pushing the button that is towards the middle of the pole and pulling up or down to desire height.

Q: How to remove the tips on the crutches/canes to replace them?

A: Hold on to the pole with one hand and then pull up and twist with the other hand on the tip.

Q: How to replace the rubber on the handgrip?

A: The rubber part can't be replaced. We do have an entire handgrip replacement for sale.


See it in action!

  • User Height Range*: 5'0" - 6'6"
  • User Weight Capacity*: 380 lb
  • Unit Weight: 8.00 lb
  • Overall Width: 3.20”
  • Overall Depth: 12.5”
  • Floor to Grip (0ᵒ) Height Range: 28.0" - 39.0"
  • Grip (0ᵒ) to Underarm Range: 17.0" - 18.75"
  • Grip Angle Range: 15ᵒ / 0ᵒ / -15ᵒ
  • Grip Size: Standard
  • Grip Diameter: 1.75”
  • Ergo Cap (included): High Performance (3/4")
  • Folded Height: 24.75"
  • Folded Width: 4.00”
  • Folded Depth: 12.5”

    *User Height Range: Height Ranges are suggestions only. Reference each product's individual specifications to compare your personal ergonomics and ensure the product is right for you.

    **User Weight Capacity: Weight Capacity is user weight supported by using both crutches

    Note: All materials are latex-free

  • Ergobaum Dual Underarm Crutches by Ergoactives - Pair
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    Rider Support Team dedicated to

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