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GRIT Freedom Chair and Spartan Race

As the official chair sponsor of the Para-Spartan Elite, GRIT is committed to helping adaptive athletes conquer the trials of Spartan Races. Both GRIT and Spartan are fueled by the rigor, determination, and no-excuse drive of riders and competitors.

Just like members of the GRIT rider community, no Spartan ever goes it alone. GRIT and Spartan are working together to make these races possible for athletes of all ability levels, one lever stroke at a time. Read on to learn more about the races, the Spartan Chairs, and find out how you can become involved.

What Is a Spartan Race?

Spartan Races are obstacle-course races (OCRs) that vary in length and location. Started by Joe De Sena in 2007, Spartan Races are designed to test the physical and mental determination of all who participate. While there are competition-level Spartan Races that award prizes to top performers, athletes of all ages, shapes, sizes, and ability levels are encouraged to join the Spartan community by participating in a race. There are currently seven kinds of Spartan Races:

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  • Spartan Sprint: ~20 obstacles, 3-5 miles

  • Spartan Super: ~30 obstacles, 8-10 miles

  • Spartan Beast: ~35 obstacles, 12-14 miles

  • Spartan Ultra: 35+ obstacles, 26-32 miles

  • Para Spartan Elite: Same course as Sprint, but exclusively for adaptive athletes who race in teams.

  • Spartan Kids: Obstacles and distances vary by age group

  • Spartan Trail: Trail-run races over 10-kilometer and half-marathon distances.

Every finisher earns a medal. Athletes who complete a Sprint, Super, and Beast in one calendar year are awarded Trifecta Medals and qualify for the Trifecta World Championships.

Spartan is always coming up with new ways to challenge its athletes with obstacles like the Barbed-Wire Crawl, Hercules Hoist, Inverted Wall, Heavy Carry, and the famous Fire Jump. Learn more about Spartan Races here.

The Spartan Chair

In grit, in drive, and the ability to surpass physical and mental limits, Spartan athletes are the toughest of the tough. It is only right that these athletes have equipment that matches. So, the team at GRIT has taken the standard Freedom Chair and fortified, modified, and fully developed a Spartan-specific model, called the Spartan Chair. This chair is an absolute machine and features:

  • A seat pan strengthened by metal braces

  • Improved drivetrain for efficient lever strokes

  • Beach wheels for improved traction over tough terrains

  • Custom boom clamps to easily attach pull-ropes, chest harnesses, or handles

  • Trail Handles for easier assistance

  • Tubular fork that is both lighter and stronger than standard forks

Spartan Chairs are also decked out in Spartan swag, so there can be no doubt that riders of this chair are, indeed, Spartans.

Want to see the Spartan Chair? Considering a Spartan Chair of your own? Check it out here and call 877-345-4748 with any questions.

Previous Races: Para Spartan Elite

Spartan Races have been around since 2007, but the first Para Spartan Elite Race was held on Laughlin, NV, in November 2018. The race featured nine teams of adaptive athletes competing in teams of four. The course they raced on was the standard Spartan Sprint course, featuring twenty obstacles and 4.78 miles of grueling desert terrain. Most teams used Spartan Chairs to complete the race.

The winning team, Team Assembly Required (Joe Fonseca, Trevor Battah, Jeremy Ogle, Caitlin Conner) was awarded the grand prize of $10,000. You can read about Caitlin Conner’s experience in this race, here.

Watch the Spartan Para Elite race on ESPN

Upcoming Races

The event in 2018 was the first of many to come. Stay tuned for future Para Spartan Elite races, training events, and opportunities for adaptive athletes to earn some Spartan hardware of their own.

For more information about Spartan Races or about the GRIT Spartan Chair, give us a call at 877-345-4748.