GRIT Freedom Chair: Spartan


Ready to take your off-road adventures to the next level? The GRIT Freedom Chair: Spartan is specifically designed for athletes competing in the Para Spartan Race division. Learn about GRIT’s partnership with Spartan here. Interested in accessorizing? The Spartan has many popular accessories and accessories geared towards maximizing your performance and comfort. There are also a number of wheel-based accessories that are compatible with this chair.

Special features include:

  • Reinforced frame designed for extreme terrain

  • Wider tires for better traction

  • Rear push handles

  • Official Spartan red accents

  • Drivetrain Upgrade

  • Integrated front mount to attach ropes available for purchase

Also includes all the great features of the 3.0:

  • Patented easy-push lever drive

  • Quick-release wheels, seatback, and footrest

  • Padded tension-adjustable backrest

  • Industry's best customer service

  • 30-day money back guarantee

  • 2-year warranty

  • Seat belt for secure off-road riding

  • Expediting shipping available upon request—just call us at 877-345-4748 to ask!



Starting at $130/month with Affirm. Learn more.

Ships in 1-2 weeks


Performance Accessories for the Spartan

Steering Pegs

Anti-Tip Bars

Steering Pegs attach to the front wheel of the Freedom Chair and allow riders with lower-limb mobility to steer the chair with their feet. They are the best weapon against crowned and side-sloped surfaces. $49

These adjustable Anti-Tip Bars prevent you from tipping backward. They are easy to add and remove, and give some riders the peace of mind to tackle steeper inclines with confidence. $249

Comfort and Fit Accessories for the Spartan

Foot Strap

Your GRIT Freedom Chair comes with six footrest slots—simply loop this velcro Foot Strap through your choice of slots to secure your feet during any adventure. $15

Wedge Cushion

When used along with the standard cushion, the Wedge Cushion elevates your seat position. Some riders use the cushion to increase elbow clearance; others use it to increase legroom. $49

Wide Foot Plate

The Wide Foot Plate is 8" wider than the standard foot plate and popular with riders with large feet or limited knee flexibility. Like the standard foot plate, it is vertically adjustable. $229

Slim Fit Kit


The Slim Fit Kit angles your levers inward, making it a key accessory for riders with shoulder widths measuring between 10” and 14". Because it is installed as an integral part of the chair, it is best when ordered at the same time as the chair itself. $249


Wheel Accessories for the Spartan


Extra Axles

While each GRIT Freedom Chair comes with the necessary axles, an extra set adds convenience when using accessory wheels, which means no more axle swapping is required. $75